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The First Aerial Hammock Yoga and Aerial Hoops Seminar in Bohol Hosted in Jing Yoga

Last weekend I was lucky to host the first Aerial Hammock Yoga and Aerial Hoops workshop in Bohol by two wonderful teachers from Cebu: Marie the founder of Mindful Yoga Cebu School, and the only 200 hours Yoga Alliance accredited teacher in Cebu, and Regine, her student who's also a fantastic Aerial Hoops teacher.

I have always been curious about aerial hammock yoga for its numerous benefits (enhanced balance, joint decompression, and much more), as well as its fun approach to the usually traditional practice of yoga. Even though I met Marie a long time ago in Cebu while I attended a seminar she held in her studio, I never had the pleasure to try it, and this workshop was my first time trying aerial hammocks. I'm so thankful for this opportunity and feel that it went far beyond my expectations!

Aerial Hammock Yoga Workshop in Jing Yoga
An easy starting pose - aerial hammocks

My Personal Experience of the Aerial Yoga Workshop

Even though I thought that it would be easy for me as an "experienced" yoga teacher I found it challenging at first. Not all of the skills that one acquired and would expect to easily transition to hammock yoga actually do that. However, with a little practice, the transition eventually happened, and I'd like to note that it wasn't only my personal experience. Even participants with far less yoga mat time than me felt it too, and managed to find balance mid-air!

Funnily, just when I started to feel in my element on the hammock, I had the pleasure of participating in the second class of this workshop and under the tutelage of teacher Regine I tried to find my element on the aerial hoop... like the rest of the participants, I found that the hoop is a far less forgiving tool than the hammock. The silk hammocks kind of caress you, while the hoops push you back with any application of force, and require high precision in movement and greater balance. That might also explain the greater attendance of the hammock classes compared to the hoops, as it was the first seminar here in Panglao, Bohol, and all participants but one was relatively new to the practice. Both classes were really fun and somewhat addictive (in the most positive manner)!

jing on aerial hoop yoga
Me finding balance and joy on the hoop - tricky!

How did People Find the Aerial Hammocks and Hoops Workshop?

But enough about my personal impression. As the host of this aerial yoga workshop, I was first of all responsible for the enjoyment of the seminar's participants, and in this sense, I'm happy to announce success.

Both four classes of this workshop, two classes of aerial hoops and two classes of aerial hammocks, were almost fully booked (about 8-10 participants, as it was an intimate and boutique aerial yoga workshop). The participants were of different levels of experience and ability, and all found their place and managed to explore within their capacity.

The classes started on the mat with a short warm-up and advanced to an aerial flow that was suited to each participant. When the classes finished, guests already asked "When will the next workshop happen?", or "Do you intend to add it to your monthly yoga events routine?"

Aside from feeling happy by the joy and excitement of my workshop's participants, that also made me understand that there's a demand here in Bohol for more diversity in Yoga. My current view of Bohol's yoga landscape is like so:

Jing Yoga & Wellness, where I always try to bring modern and up-to-date yoga teachings, SUP Yoga in The Fox & The Firefly by the wonderful Joan Soupart, Kirtan Meditation in Bohol Meditation Center, strong yoga classes by my long-time friend and teacher Raisa, and several other teachers. Even though every teacher brings their own unique flare, and we do have unique yoga sessions here, Boholanos (and that goes for Filipinos and expats who live in Panglao and Bohol alike) are thirsty for more!

Posing for aerial hoops
Some aerial hoops posing

Final Thoughts About The Workshop

My resolution following this aerial hoops and hammocks workshop are such: 1. I'd like to repeat this workshop in the near future, and even push it some more in my IG, FB, and other marketing channels. 2. Following the mutual interest of Teacher Marie and myself, we plan to host an aerial hammock yoga teacher training right here in Panglao, in Jing Yoga - aiming for June 2024. Considering that some of the participants will come from other areas of the Philippines and even different countries, we plan to offer a training-only package, and a "full board package" with accommodation, tours, and even more cool yoga activities, like my Virgin Island Moon Flow.

I hope that those of you who read this post and participated in the event are happy with my announcements, as we'd love to see you here again in our next workshop and even teacher training. If you weren't able to join and interested in aerial yoga you could contact us through our contact form on our contact page, and let us know that you're interested. I could then add you to my "database" (a shortlist I'll make in my scrappy notebook), as it'll help me to start organizing the next aerial yoga workshop in Jing Yoga Shala. Please enjoy more photos from the event, and namaste:

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