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Hi, my name is Jing, and welcome to my yoga studio. 

This is my dream coming true - an all-yoga center in Panglao, Bohol. Where I can share my teaching. I am happy to finally share my practice of yoga to empower others to lead a healthier, a more balanced, and peaceful lives.

As a distance runner and a sports enthusiast, my body had endured some injuries that led me to discover yoga. Yoga has then become my refuge & have use it since then as a tool to keep a balance and a happier self. 

The exploration to dive deeper in my practice has got me to teacher training, workshops and retreats. Ever since then, I have been actively teaching, doing retreats and finding my voice as a yogi. 

My practice style is fun, dynamic & strong which allows you to explore your edge.

My vision is to create a space & community for students that opens up to challenges and inspires them to step into their being. Experience fully their own potential. While Jing Yoga is the embodiment of my vision in my home island, Bohol.  Making yoga accessible and part of everyday life while making Bohol one of the Philippines' best yoga destinations.

I invite you to join me and be part of this growing yoga community.



Our yoga Shala is located in the heart of Panglao, just a few minutes from Alona Beach, very near to the town center. However, we did find a quiet spot to build our open-air studio, surrounded by trees and plants, where you can escape from the hustle and commotion. You can find our location in our contact page.


Read about our yoga teachers in Jing Yoga. We make sure that our teachers are professional, legitimately certified, fun, and knowledgeable. Every teacher in Jing Yoga brings a different flavor of yoga unique to her/him. Please read a bit about us, and decide for yourself which yoga teacher you connect with the most. Our advice is obviously, try a class with each teacher.


Read about our yoga interns in Jing Yoga. We accept interns throughout the year, as we believe that new yoga teachers are the seeds of the future of yoga. We're proud and thankful that we have the opportunity to offer brand new yoga teachers to join our yoga internship programs in which they get hands-on mentorship that will help them successfully move forward towards their professional success as yoga teachers. You'll meet our interns on several classes assisting or even leading practices. 


We accept interns and yoga teaching job requests. For us to keep Jing Yoga fresh we have internship programs for new teachers who'd like to gain experience and give teaching opportunities to already experienced yoga teachers of any nationality.

Our internship programs are customized according to the applicant. You could learn anything from correct teaching and class planning, yoga studio management, and marketing for yoga. You'll gain relevant experience to assist you in your professional yoga life. 

If you're an experienced yoga teacher residing in Panglao, or even just visiting and want to collaborate or work with us, please contact us for availability and openings. We're always happy to let different teachers give their own unique essence of yoga to Panglao's yoga practitioners.

Please submit a form with your inquiry on our Contact Us page via the link below:

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