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At Jing Yoga Bohol, we love to arrange special yoga events. Some are small and some are big, but all are fun. When we run our events we try to enhance a different flavor of yoga by doing something extraordinary or traveling to a unique venue. Read below for our upcoming events and sign up for the one you like most. Also, you could read about our past events and even request a private yoga event or inquire regarding the next date of each particular event.


We're happy to announce the repeat of our Aerial Hammock and Hoops workshop happening on November 26 in collaboration with Mindful Yoga School Cebu.

Please read below in the event description on how to learn to fly while doing yoga poses in a fun way as well as to meet new people.  Advanced booking is a requirement for participation, you can join all or any of the single workshop.

Aerial Hammock Yoga & Aerial Hoops Dual Workshops

Aerial Hammock : 26 November 2023, 10:00-11:30 &  16:00-17:30

Aerial Hammock yoga uses suspended silk hammocks while performing yoga poses instead of using the usual yoga mat. It's considered more challenging as one needs to balance while hanging on the hammock.

It's a fun and unique yoga practice which expands one's skill and joy in yoga. Visit the aerial hammock yoga page for more information, and to book your spot.

Aerial Hoops : 26 November 2023, 14:00-15:30 &  18:00-19:30

Aerial Hoops is a physical practice which is derived from acrobatics and circus similar to pole dancing. Though it's not yoga, it's a form of practice that has a lot of similarities due to the balance and control needed to perform drills and poses.

You can read more about this fun and dynamic practice and even book your spot in the designated aerial hoops workshop page:


Two Special Yoga Workshops Back to Back

We're hosting these two yoga workshops on one weekend. We welcome you to try both types, hammock and hoops yoga for a complete experience. 

Both workshops are suitable for beginners and advanced yogis alike. Spots are limited and advanced booking is advised.

You can book each short workshop on its own page, or directly on our yoga class and event schedule in the link below:

We did this event a month ago and if you're interested to read more about this former yoga event, please read our aerial yoga workshop blog post.​ We had a very successful workshop with many happy participants thanks to teachers Marie and Regine from Mindful Yoga Cebu. More aerial hammocks and hoops events will follow in the future. 

Our Past Events

Some of the events we organize or take part in will repeat in the future, and some were so fun and unique that we like to keep a memory of them. Browse below to get a taste of what our events look like. If you're interested in one of them in particular, don't be shy and reach out to us, and enquire when is the next date we aim to create a similar event. If you're in a group big enough to fill the event, we might event create a private yoga event just for you! 

Virgin Island Moon Flow 

A short but thrilling yoga excursion by Jing Yoga
06 June 2023, 14:00-18:30

A new adventure by Jing Yoga: a short excursion to the famous Virgin Island, Panglao's iconic sandbar. This place is very busy throughout the day. But it's almost completely visitor devoid by evening when we visit there.

In the short time, we'll be out in the ocean. We'll do a circle gathering, cacao ceremony, moon flow (with asanas to match the energy of a full moon), a night swim, and more! What better way to welcome the full moon... Join us for a unique yoga experience.


Bohol Yoga Festival 2023

Hosted by the Fox & Firefly Resort - Loboc

The Bohol Yoga Festival is an annual festival here in Bohol hostel by the Fox & Firefly cottages in Loboc. It's a 2 days festival of yoga, arts, local food, and crafts. 

Teachers from all over the Philippines, and even abroad take part and teach there, and the festival brings together many yoga enthusiasts: Boholnos and expats yogis who live here, local and foreign tourists, guest teachers, beginners, experts, and more.

There are several different passes and tickets you can buy for the event. Please read more on the Bohol Yoga Festival Page page we created for the event, where you can even book your spot.

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