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Our blog is aimed to bring you all the news related to the Yoga Community in Bohol and update you with any new happenings or changes, and it's also a platform for us Bohol Yogis to share our thoughts and insights. We also welcome guest posts of relevant content, so please contact us with any blog requests, ideas, or posts you wrote and want us to publish. 

Jing Yoga is Bohol's biggest yoga studio and the only all-yoga center in Bohol. It's important for us to stress this website is not only a regional yoga blog but a complete yoga hub where we share ideas, and also offer yoga classesyoga retreats in Bohol, and more. Read our articles whether you're near or far, and come and practice with us to experience the Bohol Yoga Scene.

Can Yoga Promote a Healthy Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a wonderful thing, yet it can be a challenging time in a woman's life. Yoga can be a great way to support a healthy...

Our Bohol Yoga Video Channel

Please stay tuned to the videos we share on our blogs and on the site. No need to dig deep into all the posts we published in order to find the exact video you're looking for - just watch our channel here. It's also a good opportunity to learn what's new in the Bohol Yoga Community, what yoga events we did recently, collaboration with other yoga schools, and anything yoga related in Bohol. Please watch, have fun, and share.