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Alona Pawikan Resort and Jing Yoga

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

November 2023 updates

It was around the beginning of September that Ken's Place, the bar of Alona Pawikan burnt down. I didn't have the time to write about it as this was an intense event that put a lot of stress on me, on Jing Yoga, and most of all, on Ken himself. For those of you who didn't learn about it, there was a fire that burnt a few resorts in the area of my shala, and it completely consumed the restaurant/bar area of Alona Pawikan - Ken's Place.

Alona Pawikan Fire
The burnt area of Alona Pawikan Resort / Ken's Place

Ken's Place after the fire
Ken's Place after the fire

It was a massive blow that made Ken shut his operation down for around 2 weeks, during which I didn't operate the Yoga Shala as well, due to lack of electricity, water, and the general notion of chaos. In the time that followed until the start of November, I shared the space with Alona Pawikan who was in dire need of a reception area.

I'm glad to inform you that Alona Pawikan has its own reception now (a beautiful space) and Jing Yoga & Wellness's operation is back on track. I was happy to share and help Ken, my landlord whom I'm very thankful to, who helped me many times in the past as well.

Here are a bunch of photos of the new reception:

When Yoga and Beer Meet

A bar is an unusual place for a yogi to practice gratitude or anything yoga related really. I'd like to share about the unusual love story between Alona Pawikan Resort - a cool place in Panglao which is also an altar to craft beer, and Jing Yoga & Wellness, Panglao's best, and only yoga studio.

It's been a little more than a month since the opening of my shala. I'm very thankful for this month, which oscillated between being crazy busy to staring at the booking app waiting for someone to finally book a yoga class. Finally, it seems that I managed to find my balance again, or at least some stability in fast pace movement.

Giving Thanks, Santosha and Alona Pawikan Resort

Santosha means "completely content" in Sanskrit and is one of the five Niyamas (observances) discussed in the Patanjali Yoga Sutras. Practicing gratitude is highly connected with reaching Santosha - which I find a very powerful practice. The more gratitude we give the more contented with the blessings we possess - materialistic or spiritual.

Besides thanking everyone who joined me for a class and supported me at this time, I'd like to give thanks and practice my gratitude to my host Alona Pawikan Resort. Ken, its owner, and my landlord is a dream come true for a yoga studio - relaxed, chill, super cool with everything, believes in community values, and so more.

I'd like to share some information about Alona Pawikan Resort, my shala's home, in hope that some of you who travel to Panglao and would like to practice yoga with me, could check this nifty and cozy resort out. More so, that's the only resort in Panglao with an in-house yoga studio! It makes it a great place for a yoga vacation, and even better for a short yoga retreat.

A short description of Alona Pawikan Resort:

There are about 10 bungalows in Alona Pawikan, with a native exterior and modern interior. All are fully airconditioned and sport a sweet little porch you can lounge in. As all rooms are overlooking the "jungle" - the resort's middle part which remained undeveloped and has a lush grove and also, my yoga shala on it.

Each room is 25 sqm, perfect for couples or singles. Besides my yoga studio, it also has a restaurant in it that serves food (tacos, vegetarian tacos, Filipino food, and more), coffee, and beers. It's actually one of the coolest bars in Alona, called Ken's Place. Even though there's a bar on-site, the resort is very quiet and it's barely felt in the rooms or my shala.

Nothing much needs to be added about the location, as you can see the exact location on our contact us page. It's close to everything - 7 minutes from the beach, 5 minutes from all popular restaurants, and so on.

Yoga and Accommodation Packages in Alona Pawikan Resort?

Part of the fun of staying in a resort with a resident yoga studio is practicing yoga of course. As part of my gratitude practice, I give one free yoga class (any class that takes place in the resort) to anyone who came from this post. All you need to do is to tell the resort that you came from the Jing Yoga website and you'll be credited one free class when here! Also, you'll get the best prices if you contact me or Alona Pawikan directly and inquire about yoga & accommodation packages.

Here are the contact details for Alona Pawikan:

Alona Pawikan Facebook ; +63 908 267 8101

They'd love to hear from you!

Alona Pawikan is also my go-to resort for short yoga retreats, in case you have a small group or following and looking for a short Panglao Yoga Retreat. Contact me directly for Panglao Yoga Retreats.

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