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Jing Yoga & Wellness offers young teachers the opportunity to gain hands-on experience, leveling up their teaching skills and boosting their professionalism. We'll make sure that after a short period with us, you'll have enough confidence and ability to embark on an independent professional yoga journey.

Our programs vary in length, starting from two weeks and up to three months. In all yoga apprenticeship programs, you'll receive personal tutoring on how to teach, how to modify, how to assist, how to lead classes, and how to develop your own voice. 


Aside from the teaching methodology, you also get a glimpse into how to run a profitable yoga business, how to manage staff and budgeting, and yoga marketing outreach.  

Different Yoga Apprenticeship programs offer different perks and require different levels of responsibility. If you think you're suitable for Jing Yoga's apprenticeship programs, please send an email that'll include the following details:

  • Name & Contact Details

  • Training completed

  • References (if any)

  • Prior Yoga Experience

  • Video of self-practice (or link to IG with clips of your practice)  

Yoga Apprenticeships - Asana Correction
Workshop talk - Yoga apprenticeship


What will you learn in our apprenticeships:

  • Full teaching experience 

  • Creative Cueing 

  • Develop a strong personal practice

  • Teaching methodology

  • Asana Adjustments

Yoga Apprentice Responsibilities:

  • Teach 10 classes a week (inhouse or offsite)

  • Customer service and enterprise outreach

  • Assist in Jing Yoga's social media channels and marketing-related tasks

  • Organization and maintain the cleanliness of the Shala

Longer apprenticeship programs might include subsidies in the shape of allowance or accommodation to provide the young teacher with a fertile learning ground. It'll depend on the experience and performance of the apprentice and can be discussed further in the interview.

Contact us and join our program soon! Namaste!

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