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Did You Hear of the New Yoga Center in Bohol?

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

So it happens to be that I achieved a long-time dream of mine - opening a yoga studio in Panglao - Bohol. It happened two days ago when I officially threw a shala-warming party. As of now, it's the only all-yoga studio in Bohol, but I do hope that others will follow me, and we'll have a growing yoga movement in Bohol.

Let's start with some photos! For all of you who missed the event, here are some pictures for you to enjoy and feel like you've been with us for this auspicious event. I also want to thank everyone who joined us and made our joy even bigger.

Our program was short and simple, but also great. At 4:00 pm we met for a 1-hour yoga class where I was lucky enough to teach more than 20 people in my Shala - one of my biggest classes ever, hosting yogis from all over Bohol. At the end of the class, we did some Kirtan Meditation for about 20 minutes hosted by Rad and Jun, long-time friends of mine and talented yoga teachers.

Then we raised a toast (I know, yogis aren't supposed to drink, but a little champagne can't do any harm :) , and had a nice vegetarian dinner. I can't thank anyone more than I already have - you made my yoga studio opening special.

My Plans for 2023:

As it's relatively still the start of the year, I allow myself to set goals for my yoga studio for this year:

  • Offer daily yoga classes in Panglao allowing people to practice more

  • Create and host at least 4 unique yoga events

  • Organize at least 1 yoga retreat in Bohol

  • Make Panglao and Bohol's yoga community stronger

  • Collaborating with international and Filipino Yoga Teachers

I hope to see you in my shala this year! Namaste...

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